I’m Dan Whelan, a multidisciplinary designer/design leader living in, and working from, the south-east of Ireland. I design to solve problems and create great product experiences.


My experience spans 13+ years across a variety of industries such as SaaS, marketing automation, finance, classified ads, property, multimedia, networking and communications, to name a few.

Currently, I’m working for HubSpot in the role of Design Lead. Previously I have worked with brands such as

  • DoneDeal.ie
  • Daft.ie
  • Adverts.ie
  • Nokia
  • RTE.ie
  • Meteor Mobile (now EIR)
  • Fine Gael
  • and numerous small businesses and charitable organisations (gratis)

Skills and Tools

  • Solving problems, creating great user experiences and interfaces
  • User research, interviews, workshopping, analysis
  • Team alignment, Project planning, Stakeholder management
  • GPT-4, Midjourney
  • People management, mentorship, coaching and performance management
  • Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch/Flinto/After Effects
  • strong foundation in web design CSS, HTML
  • familiar with jQuery, PHP and MySQL
  • comfortable working with print design, branding
  • comfortable with animation (After Effects, Flinto)


When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my son Jack, walking, playing video games or making music. Generally, we play mostly PC gaming.

This website

I’ll be adding some work and blog entries over time. The stuff I write about – sometimes design related, other-times not – is probably not that interesting for most but it’ll be indexed by Google so maybe someone will stumble across it. I’ll be writing my commentary on the design industry, some retrospectives on gaming, music, design, tech and mobile devices.