Why I changed from Tesla Model Y to a BMW IX

I’ve swapped (upgraded) my Tesla Model Y Long range to a BMW IX xDrive40. I should note, before I begin, that the Tesla Model X is probably a more appropriately matched competitor for the IX, but 1) You can’t get a Model X in Ireland (at least not in right hand drive) and 2) this is the xDrive40 model which is positioned closer to the Model Y in terms of pricing at least.

I found the ride comfort too harsh on the Tesla Model Y. Also, I’m around 2 hours from the service centre in Sandyford, so this required taking a day off work (sometimes more, if the car was being kept in overnight) to get issues fixed. The mobile ranger service, while great, unfortunately has limited scope to fix issues and most of the problems I encountered with my Model Y required a trip to Dublin.

A rickety interior (I never could find the source of the rattling sounds), to water leaking into the drivers footwell, stones getting stuck in between the brake guards making an awful grinding sound, some panel gaps and numerous internet connectivity outages..all played their part in my decision to change. But the ride comfort was my main issue, followed by the location of the service centre. One other issue that would give me zero confidence in buying a Tesla again anytime soon is the price volatility of new cars.

In September of 2022, a brand new Tesla Model Y Long Range, to my spec was 75,000EUR. 3 months later, Elon slashed prices of new Teslas meaning you could now get a brand new Model Y for as little as 54,000EUR. Of course, everyone knows that cars are not an investment and rather a depreciating asset, but I’ve never seen depreciation quite like my Tesla.

The BMW is far more comfortable, quieter and more refined. Yes it has less range (although it’s range figures seem to be more accurate), and less performance but it’s still ample enough and suits my driving. I even grew to love the beaver grille.

My BMW IX xDrive40 spec:

  • Oyster leather interior
  • Clear crystal controls
  • Panoramic roof/Sky lounge
  • Harmon Kardon audio
  • Comfort access
  • 22″ alloy wheels
  • Heated seats with massage
  • Sun protection glass
  • Oxide grey exterior paint
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Head up display
  • All weather mats
  • Wireless charging
  • Apple Carplay, Android Auto
  • iDrive 8.5
  • 5G Personal eSim
  • Drive recorder and cameras
  • Upgraded 22kW charging capability for 22kW chargers
  • IconicSounds package (by Hans Zimmer!)

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