Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pump H15 Error

Unusual post for me, but this is an issue I’ve encountered recently at home and wanted to share a temporary fix for anyone who finds themself with a Panasonic heat pump that stops working due to ‘error H15’.

What is error H15?

H15 refers to the ‘compressor temperature sensor’ in the outdoor unit (the heat pump). This error means the sensor is not working as intended or unreachable. This could mean a faulty sensor, or that rodents have chewed through the little wires inside your heat pump.

This is something you might need to have repaired by your heat pump provider, plumber or electrician. In the meantime, you can switch your heat pump over to your homes electricity supply in order to keep your home heated and ensure there is hot water available.

You will need to access your panasonic control unit (sometimes this is on a wall or on the unit indoors). Then:

  • Close/dismiss the error shown on screen (H15 error)
  • Press the button shown in image ‘1’ below (it looks like a grid)
  • Press the fourth option on the top row on the next screen (looks like a sun shining and some kind of pin). This is the option to switch to your electricity supply and bypass the heat pump.
  • You will need to press this again, ensuring the dotted line below this icon has turned solid.
  • Confirm that you want to switch to your electric backup if asked.
  • Your system should now be running off your home electricity supply exclusively.

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