Nokia N-Gage (Personal project)

Some work I’ve been doing lately on restoring/remastering some of the old Nokia N-Gage branding, artwork, animation and also some of the Symbian OS assets.

Mainly doing this for preservation reasons, and for possible usage in upcoming projects.

The screen resolution of the N-Gage was 176×208. For this artwork, for example, the title screen for ‘SonicN’ has been redrawn in vector format and much cleaner as a result.

Always liked the connecting screens and animation from the Arena application. This screen is also unfinished and I’ve had to take some creative liberties with the mesh effect on the top bar. Overall this is a nice, clean upscale.
N-Gage QD Home screen (Variant 1). This is unfinished, unfortunately I am working from a rather poor screenshot from an old website. I also couldn’t find a decent copy of the original wallpapers that came preloaded with the device, so have substituted something more contemporary but still fitting the overall look.
Click the image to view it in glorious high definition.

Mockup of an ‘N-Gage game launcher’ or ‘skin’ for EKA2L1 running on Android 10, Nokia 5.4 device.

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