Tesla Connectivity Issues (Spotify, Internet, Maps)

Update 12th July 2023: All working again after a trip to my nearest service center (To apparently have a connectivity card replaced – this turned out not to be the case). Service center staff reset the 12v battery and drove the car for a while. Issue seems to be cleared.

Anyone having connectivity issues with their Model 3 or Y? Read on..

A while back I noticed my Spotify would stop playing music and my maps would stop loading. Almost always about 5-10 minutes into a journey. Didn’t matter if it was around town or in the countryside.

The two button reset would sometimes fix it (basically restarting the modem). I figured it was a coverage issue at first.. But then I tried using my hotspot to provide connectivity and continued to encounter the same problem. Web browser also would not work either, throwing a ‘DNS_PROBE_NOT_FINISHED’ error.

Sometimes if I leave it long enough, it will eventually reconnect, for a time. But ultimately continue to dropout.

I logged a service request with Tesla and was asked to provide them with exact times when this issue occurred. Then asked to try driving for a few days with my dashcam USB drive removed (they thought it might be full and causing issues). But this made no difference.

In the end, Tesla have deemed it to be an issue with the ‘connectivity card’ which now needs replacing. Trip to Sandyford then next week. From doing some further digging and asking in the Tesla Owners Club, I’ve learned that Tesla have recently (apparently) changed eSIM provider across Europe. In Ireland, we are no longer using the Dutch eSIM but instead one of the Irish providers and this is the source of our recent connectivity issues (and I am not alone here).

I’m still going to keep my service appointment for next week and see what Tesla say.

Would be interested to hear if anyone else is currently experiencing this or had any resolution, leave a comment if so.

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