Xbox Cloud Streaming in Tesla Model Y

This was a fun thing to play around with for an afternoon. Xbox Game Streaming (XCloud) running on a Tesla Model Y. I was parked up in my driveway, and connected to WiFi. I have not tested this thoroughly over the cars mobile data connection yet. I imagine for games that require fast reaction, it won’t be suitable. But for turn based, or slower games e.g.: Pentiment, it should be acceptable.

The controller i’m using is the Hyperkin Duke for Xbox. (USB-C, wired).

Scroll down to see what you’ll need to set this up!

What you will need:

  • A Tesla (lol)
  • Wired Gamepad (USB-C)
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • A full screen browser hack, ( or something like
  • Your login details for your Xbox/Microsoft account
  • Some patience while everything loads.

Using a full screen browser exploit (one of the sites above), make sure you hit ‘Go Fullscreen’. This opens the native Tesla YouTube app (this is normal). Click ‘Go to site’. When it loads, look for the ‘Xbox’ option. Follow the instructions to sign in to your account and start gaming.

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