DoneDeal Redesign (Concept)

Tasked with realising the companies ambitions to reposition the brand in the premium segment, I created this concept homepage. Shifting customer perception is difficult and can take time. Sometimes a drastic approach is required.

At it’s core, it’s still very ‘DoneDeal’ and retains the same layout that customers are familiar with. The use of high quality imagery as the background helps to invoke an emotional response from car buyers.

“I could drive that car. My life could be like that. This is achievable using DoneDeal”

With the use of the red car and the new red call-to-action, this acts as the essence of the old brand where the traditional red logo steps back, to reveal a subdued white colouring. It is a move towards maturity, beauty and cleanliness not seen previously for this brand.

The company chose to go in a different direction, making incremental changes to the look and feel rather than making a large statement refresh.

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